Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mosstack 0.5 - Mikko's Open Source Stacker for astronomical images

Finally a new version and a new unimaginative name.

What's new?

  • Name! PyAstroStack was only a temporary name I came up with when I created a directory for the source code. The py prefix and camel case started to annoy me so I wanted to change it now.
  • Multithreading in Gui. Most operations can run in parallel utilizing more than one core from CPU
  • Settings in Gui. Command line is not required anymore, but I'm not going to drop it.
  • Icon and shortcut in your desktop environments menu
  • Packages for Debian Jessie and Sid
  • Lot of changes under the hood making mosstack a lot stable than the older versions.
You can get the program from On Ubuntu I suggest using the ppa archive:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mikko-laine/pyastrostack

The repository is still under the old name. After this update sources and install package mosstack.

Next I'll start working on some kind of a manual. If you're familiar with the stacking process (know lights, darks, flats and biases) the program should be quite straightforward to use.

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