Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still waiting for my Raspberry Pi

I ordered a Raspberry Pi from RS Components in July 17th. That's the date in the order confirmation they sent me. Estimated time of dispatch was 11 weeks. That was last Tuesday and I still haven't heard from it. Looks like RS Components has had problems getting the devices. Had I ordered mine from Farnell I'd already have it. Even a Finnish electronics store is selling RasPi with delivery times less than one week... At least mine costs only about 30€. Otherwise I'd have already cancelled my order.

This page says I'll be getting my RasPi in late November. Also it should be Rev 2, but I have no idea how that is different from older boards.

My plan to use RasPi to control camera on EQ3-2 and shoot some stars will probably fail. Not because the camera or RasPi but because the tracking mount isn't accurate enough (with my skills at least) to track stars for more than 15 seconds with my equipment. We'll see... Maybe it's worth it just to make the camera shoot 50 photos continuously instead of ten it can shoot now.

I also had other plans for RasPi. A media center with XMBC. I just got an even better plan but that might be outside my skills. I have an old Luxor 3079 amplifier that looks like this:
Luxor 3079. Image borrowed from
It's not working properly. There's a lot of static over everything I play unless the volume knob is exactly in the right position. Luckily that's a good level for volume too. Still it would be better if the thing worked without glitches like that. If I'm able to fix it, I could embed RasPi in it. Why? Why not?