Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mosstack 0.6.1 released!

I didn't even have time to write a release post about 0.6 when already I was reported a bug that prevented loading anything but Canon's raw photos. That was fixed in 0.6.1 and now the release announcement:

Mosstack 0.6.1

What's new? As already posted in there's quite a lot of changes. Here's a short list:
  • Manual. Written in LaTeX since I plan to include explanation of all the math here as well. For now it's only manual for the command line interface. Manual is included in distribution package.
  • Speedup for OpenCL operations. (Actually I have no idea about this. Just noticed during tests that what used to take 5 seconds, takes now only 0.5 seconds. I don't know who or what to thank.)
  • Cropping before stacking. Works on both GUI and CLI. This reduces amount of required memory and makes stacking a lot faster.
  • Added support for any images DCRaw can open. There's only one Bayer filter programmed (RGGB) so any other images work only as monochrome. This should be enough for most consumer DSLR cameras.
  • Better project management. Removing frames from project, selecting the reference frame, clean command to remove temporary files...
  • Adding premade master frame so creating the calibration frames isn't necessary for several image sets from same photo session.
  • Giving "Bias level" instead of master bias is possible from command line. This subtracts given number from every pixel on each frame.
  • Maximum and Minimum stacks. Partially for testing, but I guess there might be uses for these.
  • Kappa can be defined for Sigma methods. Sigma methods reject or replace values that differ amount of κ*σ (κ defaults to 3.0 and σ is standard deviation) from the median.

Web page

Until now everything has been on BitBucket, but that's not the easiest media to share tutorials or such. I also applied an open source license of PyCharm (and got it too!) and that required the open source software in question to have a proper web page. Hence:

How to get: