Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moon for scale: Part 2

I did some comparison of apparent sizes of deep sky objects and the Moon ( and that seems to be the most visited page on my blog so time for another one. These were actually made the same time with Andromeda and Orion Nebula, but for some reason I didn't include them in that post.

Flame Nebula and Horsehead Nebula

Names for these nebulae are quite describing. Flame nebula is easily visible and Horsehead a bit fainter. That red color is mostly filtered by digital cameras. With a modded camera that has the filter removed all the red details would be a lot brighter. Most people have seen photos of the Horshead nebula, but here's the size illustrated:

Bigger version:


It's not a deep sky object, but interesting whatsoever. With naked eye Jupiter seems just like a star, but even a small telescope or binocular can show that it's not. Here's a composite picture comparing Jupiter and the Moon.

Bigger version:

That's about it...

I don't think I have any more interesting photos to show. There hasn't been too many nights this winter to shoot any astrophotos... Too bad.

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