Sunday, January 6, 2013

Script to control Canon 1100D on Raspberry Pi

I've finished the first part of my plan to use Raspberry Pi to remote control a camera. I put together the efforts from and and wrote a Python script to do it all.

Why? With the camera itself I can take max 10 photos sequentially after having to go to the camera and press the trigger again, I can use exposure times only to max 30 seconds and as a result I get hundreds of photos named IMG_6013.CR2 and such.

The script I wrote:
  1. Asks for 
    • ISO
    • exposure time
    • number of photos
    • name for the object in photos.
    Name is required for naming the pictures and directory for them.
  2. Sets all the necessary settings for camera. You need of course to aim the camera, focus it manually and set the control wheel to manual mode (M).
  3. Takes number of photos, resetting the USB connection after each photo (because on RasPi this is required)
  4. Downloads each photo instantly from the camera and uploads it to my NAS (mounted by NFS on RasPi). The photos are put to a directory by name asked before and named with a timestamp. For example M42_2012-12-16_16.22.28.099570.cr2.
I just ran a test of 200 photos with exposure time of 31 seconds and it seems to have worked perfectly.

The script and instructions for it can be seen here. It's easier to share files on Google Sites than Blogger and I also want a permanent page of that. I'll update the page to always include the newest version of my script.

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