Saturday, September 8, 2012

Camera and EQ3-2 tracking mount

I bought an used EQ3-2 tracking mount mainly for camera. Then I also had to buy a DSLR since I only had a pocket camera (Canon PowerShot SX200 IS). Internet said it would be fairly easy to mount a camera to EQ3-2, but I failed to notice there are several types of EQ3-2 connection plates. The one I bought wasn't the type for cameras...

It looked like this

and it's supposed to look like this

I bought a dovetail adapter for EQ3-2 and dovetail plate for camera

The final set up looks like this:

Next I'll have to learn how to align the mount properly. I have a polar scope so it should be easy but then I saw this: Maybe I'll prepare for a bigger operation...

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