Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello World!

For a while now I've been writing a blog about my hobby as a stargazer: Mikon tähtiharrastusblogi (Finnish only). The idea of the blog was to write down notes about everything I learn while looking through my telescope. Another motivation was to learn some web programming. I wrote the whole blog from nothing with PHP.

While this was (and still is) an entertaining project, I found out quickly that also wanted to share more static infromation than my blog makes possible. This blog is an attempt to do just that. Another framework I thought was Google Sites and perhaps that would have been a better choice for the static information... But I also wanted a blog.

My english is far from perfect. I hope I still get understood, and that I don't accidently say anything weird.

Most texts I write here are probably originally from my Finnish blog. The content there is more dynamic and I might do updates several times a day on some topic. I'll try to keep my posts here better planned.

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